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Choose between a 30 or 60 minute massage.  A gift certificate makes a great gift for Christmas, birthdays or any occasion.  Or treat yourself!

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Transcendent Touch, healing touch for…

The body: Massage, Breath-work

The soul: Prayer Sessions

The heart: Sacred Poetry, Poetry Recitals 

The senses: Aromatherapy, Natural Foods Cooking 

The mind: Health Counseling, Classes, Permaculture, Green Building


Transcendent implies that which rises above the ordinary. An experience unequalled in quality, that uplifts one to that which is both inspiring and sublime. Transcendent approaches perfection, yet is rooted in the experience of this world and the senses.  Perhaps even advancing one toward the divine.  A taste of heaven here on earth. This is a considerable objective to fulfill, yet it is the intention I hold with all I do in service.  

Touch is the ability to make contact.  It is connection. Touch is feeling on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It bridges one person to another, one world to another. Touch has an inherent potential to create harmony and balance.  This is my sacred honor in all ways I touch. 

Here are the ways I engage Transcendent Touch within my work and service. 

The Body is the temple. Somehow that which is Infinite, has chosen each body as an expression of Itself. The body is the sacred vessel given to serve the soul. A temporary and necessary vehicle to experience life and purpose. Handle it  with great care. Through massage and breathwork that is my privileged commission. Each are separate services to honor this human temple.

The Soul is the consciousness awakening in the body.  The soul is wanting expression and holds a unique and divine purpose.  Through prayer I awaken that consciousness within myself and those I serve.  Offered as a separate prayer session or woven into the context of bodywork or breathwork, affirmative prayer is a reset for our soul’s compass. 

The Heart  is the organ that houses the soul.  Deep within the recesses of the physical heart, the spiritual organ of the heart is how we feel the depth and breadth of this human experience. The glory and majesty, the challenge and despair of this human journey. I have discovered a portal into the human heart through sacred poetry. It has become a great passion in my life, leading me to commit to memory well over a hundred such poems, written by mystics and sages from across the globe and over the centuries. I write poems when so inspired, to chronicle my own path. I use sacred poetry as a vehicle to give voice to the soul’s journey here on earth.  Incorporated in bodywork or prayer sessions or in the form of poetry recitals with live musical accompaniment, the recitation of poetry bring joy to me and touches deeply those I share with. 

The Senses grant us the full experience this world.  They are wondrous gifts that inform, alert and delight.     

Aromatherapy is a powerful way to stimulate healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Incorporated into massage sessions or formulated for your specific needs, essential oils enhance and expand all aspects of touch. 

Natural Food Cooking is a daily ritual I love to share with my clients. Whether sharing the bounty of the garden or the kitchen, I love to connect my passion for heath and cooking with those I serve.  Classes are a wonderful way I can teach others the benefits, pleasure and skills to cook healthfully and consciously. 

The Mind gives us a way to navigate many facets of being human. This faculty of reason gives us the clarity to see our path and when combined with  combined with intuition, we can move powerfully and with purpose.   

Health Counseling is a natural extension of my many years of passionately pursuing the highest level of health in my own life. Incorporating my own experiences and practices for the mind, body, soul and emotions I have developed helpful strategies and resources to living an empowered, joyful, healthy life. I share this as insights come and in sessions specifically designed to address your challenges. 

Classes are my way of sharing in a group setting. I have specific offerings in cooking, health, bodywork, meditation and prayer. I have a passion too, for green building and permaculture. 

Massage is the oldest of the healing forms. It is also the simplest.  Touch has roots in shamanic and religious practices and is reported to have been an integral part of health care practices and medicine since their emergence from the realms of religion and magic.  With intention, massage weaves together the energies of hands, heart and body. 

The significance of touch cannot be understated in terms of its importance and impact on the human.  In his seminal work, Touching, The Human Significance of the Skin (1971), Dr. Ashley Montagu writes, “Of all the senses, touch is paramount.” He brings together a vast array of studies shedding light on the role of skin and physical touch in human development. Montagu goes on to illuminate how the sensory system, the skin, is the most important organ in the body because unlike other senses, a human  being cannot survive without the physical and behavioral functions performed by the skin. Ample research has demonstrated that tactile sensation is extremely important for the 

development and maintenance of the physiological and psychological regulation in infants, children and adults. Montagu goes on the assert essentially that the psychological need for touch in humans exceeds the physiological need for food. 

My massage work integrates many styles/techniques:

Integrative Stone Massage is my own personal style of incorporating heated stones into the graceful fluid flow of a normal massage.  I have found that the heat and energy of the stones quickly dissipate the superficial tensions in tissues, allowing me to work deeper, more effectively and efficiently.  I think it also contributes to the lack of soreness  in  clients after some of my deepest massage work. I have taught my method at massage schools and I believe it is unlike any other style incorporating heated stones. 

Deep Tissue Massage penetrates the deeper muscles of the body. Slow, penetrating pressure precisely applied releases chronic patterns of stress that constrict muscles and cause pain.  As tissues soften, they become more completely fed through the vascular and energetic systems. Tissues are thus revitalized, become more mobile/flexible and embody a sense of vitality and well-being. As the body releases restrictive physical patterns of tension, so too can the mental and emotional bodies let go. Skillfully applied, deep tissue “hurts good.”

Circulatory Massage aims to increase the flow of both lymphatic fluid and blood in the tissues. This relaxes muscles, and through the lymph flushes out metabolic waste from tissues, while increasing the flow of nutrients through the venous system. A variety of strokes are employed, with pressure varying from mild to deep, depending the client’s need, tolerance and preference. Circulatory massage is profoundly relaxing and mitigates stress.

Acupressure and Jin Shin Juytsu employ touching points on the body where patterns of tension manifest.  Acupressure come from China and is based upon the Traditional Chinese Medicine system. Jin Shin Juytsu is a Japanese system of points that simplifies the number of points engaged.  I find both techniques effective in quickly and thoroughly dissipating tension patterns.  I enjoy patiently, deeply and gently employing these styles.  

Polarity Therapy is a holistic system primarily based on Ayurveda, the indigenous healing system from India. This system, founded by the Dr. Randolph Stone, employs bodywork, an understanding of herbs and nutrition, emotional counseling techniques, exercises that move energy and a spiritual perspective of the whole person. I use it the platform to integrate all the various styles of bodywork that I employ.  It utilizes three touches that correspond to the three states of energy in the body: positive, negative and neutral. To feel energy flow in massage from Polarity is amazing in both the quality and breadth of sensation. 

Reflexology is using pressure points in the feet, hands and ears to stimulate any area of the body. These “reflex” areas each contain a map of the whole body. Some of these points can be surprisingly sensitive and very effective in a producing a profound sense of relaxation. 

Craniosacral Therapy is a subtle energetic technique that utilizes gentle pressure to encourage and balance flow of the cerebral-spinal fluid throughout the spinal canal and body. Its effects can be described in this axiom from one of my early mentors, “The lighter the touch, the deeper the effect.” 

Benefits of Massage  

Simply put massage feels good.  The reason it does is manifold and becomes obvious to the client once they have experienced a bodywork session.  Generally the benefits of include pain relief, muscle relaxation and an overall sense of rejuvenation and well-being.  The way that I like to describe how I feel after a massage is that “I feel new.” If I had been fatigued or tired, I feel refreshed after a massage.  If I had been stressed or worried, I have a new perspective on life and feel lighter. One thing that is certain, with the stress of everyday life increasing, relaxation is becoming more critical to enjoying life and operating at an optimal level. To get the most effect from massage therapy, receiving massage regularly is important.  Consider it in the same light as we do with our automobiles: regular maintenance insures the longevity and performance of the vehicle.  Why would we not regard our own body in the same light? The list of documented benefits for massage includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Relieves stress

  • Reduces pain 

  • Increases circulation of blood and energy 

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Softens and relaxes muscles that are injured, tired, and overused 

  • Improves range of motion and flexibility

  • Alleviates low-back pain

  • Improves posture

  • Relieves migraine pain and tension related headaches

  • Promotes deeper and easier breathing 

  • Improves immune function by stimulating lymph flow 

  • Releases endorphins: amino acids that promote well being

  • Reduces stress hormones

  • Increase attentiveness 

  • Alleviates depression and anxiety 

  • Assists preparation for, and recover from, strenuous workouts and athletic events

  • Improves the condition and appearance of the skin 

  • Promotes tissue regeneration

  • Alleviates discomfort during pregnancy 

  • Reduces stretch marks and scar tissue

  • Enhances post-operative rehabilitation 

  • Improves rehabilitation after injury

For additional information about the effects of massage therapy, visit the website for the Touch Research Institute (The Touch Research Institute).  The TRI is dedicated to studying the effects of touch and has conducted over 100 studies on the positive effects of massage therapy on many functions and medical conditions in many different age groups.

The Collaborative Process is inherent in successful bodywork.  The massage is really the combined energies of therapist and client.  Clients not only communicate their experience, whether verbally or non-verbally, but also draw from the therapist their best work with the ability to receive.  This is like the negative pole of a magnet that draws energy to itself. A client who is unguarded, willing and open, will receive much more than one who is closed off.  The fact that one has landed on a massage table alone is testament to a such willingness. The reality is also that we, as a culture, have become unaware of the many ways we have protected ourselves from touch and intimacy. The massage experience is indeed intimate and one that merits the highest integrity of the practitioner and the deepest trust of the client. Part of my job to educate clients of ways they are holding on unconsciously, unnecessarily blocking my efforts and closing off their bodies. By teaching simple breathing techniques, meditative techniques and using the imagination to enhance the process of letting go, I guide my clients with both verbal and non-verbal cues.  

2 reviews for Transcendent Touch Gift Certificate

  1. 6ght77n

    Tim K. “Craig’s massages are some of the most healing bodywork you will find. His hands and his intuition combine to bring an incredible experience…”

  2. 6ght77n

    Pamela L. “I can’t begin to express how wonderful my message was with Craig. The setting was beyond gorgeous in a lovely home with water features in all the message rooms. Everything was modern, new, clean and seemed green or environmentaly friendly. Craig himself is a remarkable massage therapist, the best I’ve visited. The warm stones were a great touch. A++++++”

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