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  • Chip, the Little Computer

    5.00 out of 5

    Chip, the Little Computer is an endearing story written side by side in both English and Spanish. Chip has a dream: to help children learn new things and to make them laugh and play. His story starts out in a cold, dark warehouse. After countless disappointments, Chip is told by a wise old copy machine to have faith in his dream. He learns the power of determination that comes from believing in your dream no matter what happens. The story has a surprise ending.

  • Russ T. Nailz and other talented voice actors (Dr. Hope is one of them) act out Chip’s story. In addition there are 5 original heart-warming and humorous tunes on this CD.

  • Laughing Day

    5.00 out of 5

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a children’s book that would not only entertain, but contained a message that would help our children lead happier lives? Well, there is and Laughing Day is it! This engaging children’s story will warm your heart and perhaps bring a tear to your eye.

  • Laughing Day CD

    5.00 out of 5

    This audio CD has the Laughing Day story acted out in English as well as Spanish, with voice actors and special effects. Plus there are five original humorous songs performed by actor/singer/comic RUSS T. NAILZ.

    Here is a list of songs included on the cassette with the story:

    Laughing Day
    It’s Tough to be a K-I-D
    The Silly Zoo
    Mr. P
    Hug me Eddy

  • Coloring and Activity book based on Dr. Hope’s Laughing Day Storybook

  • Little Miss Contradiction and the Fuzzywinkle is a
    delightfully off center book is the first in Dr. Hope’s Silly Series. The
    storybook is full of wacky contradictions that make you laugh and think. The
    madcap plot is simple: Little Miss Contradiction has misplaced her Fuzzywinkle
    and rummages around to find it. She, “runs downstairs, bare-footed with her
    pink slippers on, steps into an empty bucket, half full of blue cherry
    soda…etc.” In this manner this charming character searches for her lost
    Fuzzywinkle throughout her home and neighborhood. Everything is a contradiction
    from her steal wooden door, to her bare carpeted floor. Amusing and enjoyable
    this storybook is beautifully illustrated to underscore the hilarity of the
    inconsistencies it contains.

  • Punctuation Pals

    0 out of 5

    Punctuation Pals is an entertaining way to learn how to use punctuation. Cool art and interactive stickers makes this a must have for any youngster’s library. 

    Mr. Period, the narrator, tells a humorous story in which common punctuation marks are used. After the story he explains that it was his ‘Punctuation Pals’ that made the story easy to read. He introduces himself as the traffic cop for all written words and shows where and how to use himself. He does the same for his ‘Punctuation Pals’ in a way that makes there usage easy to understand.

    All the punctuation marks are color coded (Like this: blue for the period; red for the exclamation mark; green for the question mark, etc.) to aid in learning there placement and proper usage. At the end of the book there is an interactive short story with no punctuation but with specially color coded underscore lines. In the back of the book are reusable punctuation stickers that can be placed and replaced into that story.

  • Freddie Frog has a problem: he can’t jump and no one will let him play Jumpaloo. A wise stump tells him he should look for a teacher and that’s how Freddie’s adventure starts. After searching he finally finds a teacher and through his private practice sessions improves immensely. Along the way Freddie learns that striving for a personal best has rewards greater than winning first prize. In spite of laughter and ridicule from others Freddie decides to enter the Great Jumpaloo contest. He sets a new record but then something surprising happens.  Dr. Hope’s The Frog Who Couldn’t Jump  features delightfully colorful illustrations from cartoonist/illustrator Richard Pinson.

  • Russ T. Nailz and other talented voice actors (Dr. Hope is one of them) act out Freddie Frog’s story. In addition there are 5 original heart-warming and humorous tunes included.

  • Wonderful Wuzs

    0 out of 5

    Wonderful Wuzs teaches the importance of not wasting a
    ‘now.’ Now is the only time you can do anything. If you waste a ‘now’ by being
    angry, hateful or sad, your ‘now’ will change into a ‘wasted wuz.’ Kids of all
    ages will enjoy the helpful life lesson contained on these pages. The story is
    written in both English and Spanish.